Feast yer eyes on these tasty treats, nae matter if it’s a prezzy for yer pal or a wee treat for yersel, we’ve got yer sugar fix covered.


Scottish Belters

Scottish mix o’ tablet, Irn Bru creams, soor plooms, sooky boiled Saltires and whisky fudge.

Gran's favourite sweet gifts


Granny’s Faves

Sweet peanuts, rhubarb n’custard, soor plooms, choc limes, sherbet lemons and Chelsea whoppers.

Nut selection gift box


Aff Yer Nut

Peanut brittle, yoghurt peanuts, milk choc nuts, sweet peanuts and nutty split fudge.


For Fudge Sake

Banoffee, nutty split, strawberry and champagne, vanilla choc and cookies n’ cream fudges.