Milk Carton

Feast yer eyes on these tasty treats, nae matter if it’s a prezzy for yer pal or a wee treat for yersel, we’ve got yer sugar fix covered.


Mad Aboot Millions

Tiny, tasty, chewy wee belters an we’ve got aw yer fruity flavours ye jist canny resist.

jelly bombs


Jeely Shots

Had marshmallows afore, aye? Ye’ve no had these jeely filled beezers… Bite for a surprise!

Multi coloured bon bons
Bon Bon sweet gift


Bonkers for Bon Bons

A lip-smackin mix o’ yer favourite chewy fruity bon bons for the ultimate sugar fix.

All flavours of cola cubes spilled


Crackers Aboot Cola Cubes

Hard on the ootside an’ chewy in the middle, a wee bit o’ fizz on yer tongue, wi’ a big cola blast.