Greedy Guts

Feast yer eyes on these tasty treats, nae matter if it’s a prezzy for yer pal or a wee treat for yersel, we’ve got yer sugar fix covered.

Classic selection of sweets spilled
Pur classic swedgers


Pure Classic

Eggs, cola bottles, flying saucers, mushrooms, watermelons, snakes n’ tutti frutti.

Fizzy Favourites in gift jar


Fizzy Faves

A sour selection of, strawberries, peaches, watermelon, fizzy pencils, flying saucers.

Retro old school sweets spilled
old sweets gift


Auld Skool

Fish ‘n chips, cola bottles, ice cups, jazzies, white mice, cola cubes and sweet peanuts.

Happy birthday gift


Jeely Treats

Jelly high fives, stars, meerkats, skulls, rotella, strawberry kisses and smiles.