Greedy Guts

A massive jar, full of your favourite sweets, ideal for sharing or indulging in yourself…
Two sizes, depending on how greedy you are, supersized jars – bigger than any you’ve seen before, they’re enormous!

Retro and classic sweets spilled
Classic pic'n' mix selection


Pure Classic

A classic mix of fried eggs, cola bottles, flying saucers, and chewy mushrooms.

Fizzy favourites in a jar


Fizzy Faves

Your favourite fizzy sweets, a sour selection of snakes, strawberries, peaches, dummies and fizzy pencils.

retro sweet selection
Traditional sweets gifts


Auld Skool

Retro sweets from when you were little! Fish ‘n chips, ice cups, jazzies, white mice, cola cubes and smiley faces.

jelly treats
Happy birthday sweet jar


Jeely Treats

Chewy little jellies to enjoy. Jelly beans, jelly babies, gummy bears and hearts.