about us

About Us

There once was two pals fae Glesga,     Who sold stuff fae a clapped oot Fiesta.
Selling sweets fae a car, oot a poke and jeely jar,      They decided to find something better…
It wis far too cauld, they were both getting auld,      If truth wur told, no enough wur being sold…

They dreamed o’ bigger things,     Then their idea grew wings.
The next thing they ken,      oot came paper n pen.
They worked aw night an day,     tae come up wi a way
They cud both work thegither,      an still huv a blether…

So they thought it’d be good,     selling sweets fae childhood
Punting swedgers wi a twist,     their patter shouldnae be missed.
A bottle, a box, a jar and milk carton,     They’ve gone fur a stripe, instead o’ a tartan.
Got a crackin’ website,      Noo’ they’re burstin wi pride!